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With vibrant harmonies set to Brazilian rhythms and a joyous stage show, ORDINARIUS has breathed new life into Brazil's most beloved songs, from traditional choros to the music of Carmen Miranda. 

Their complex arrangements--precisely and flawlessly executed by the young singers--are so tasteful I heard a particularly indifferent student say, "They're so good it doesn't even seem like vocal music!"

Diogo Rebel, Professor,
Universidade Candido Mendes


Ordinarius was introduced to American presenters at the APAP Conference in New York City in January 2017 and will be making their U.S. debut in January 2018 with a national tour of Performing Arts Centers, Universities and showcase clubs.

In 2012, Ordinarius competed with nine other Brazilian vocal groups and was awarded Second Place in the National Vocal Group Competition promoted by "Brasil Vocal", at the Bank of Brazil Cultural Center (CCBB) in Rio de Janeiro. In this same year, the group released their first CD, which was acclaimed as one of the 100 best of the year, being preselected for the Brazilian Music Awards. The group promoted the release of their CD with special shows at the Sala Baden Powell and Centro Cultural Carioca, in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2013, the sextet was invited to perform in Germany, where they sang at Brot Fabrick (Frankfurt) and conducted Brazilian music workshops. Also that year, they performed a series of concerts at the Parque das Ruinas and at the Centro de Referencia da Musica Carioca. They were invited to be the opening act for the vocal group "Quarteto em Si" at the Festival Brasil Vocal (CCBB), performed on Rock in Rio, and took part in the webseries "Mais Vinicius, por favor", produced by Coverflow for Multishow.

In 2014, the group performed at various venues in Rio de Janeiro and won first place in National Vocal Group Competition, the same competition in which they had been awarded second place in 2012. The year ended with their well-received crowd-funding campaign to complete their new CD, dedicated to the universe of "choro".

in 2015, the group released its second CD, "Rio de Choro". Also played at Teatro Rival, SESC Copacabana, CCBB-RJ, at the Federal Justice Cultural Center, at SESC Pompeia (recording Rolando Boldrin's show, "Sr. Brasil"), at Hotel Mabu Thermas Grand Resort in Foz do Iguacu, among other private events.

Augusto Ordine
Founder/Musical Director

AugustoSinger, arranger, composer, conductor and musical director of Ordinarius, having produced both of the group's CDs (2012 and 2015). Augusto has a Master's degree in Music and Education from UNIRO and graduated in Conducting under the guidance of the choir director Carlos Alberto Figueiredo (Pro-Arte). He was a member of the vocal group Bombando, which released its first album in 2009 and with which he made soundtracks and appeared on several Brazilian TV shows (A grande Familia, Fantástico, and TV Xuxa, among others).

Augusto produced both CDs by singer Maíra Martins (2006 and 2011) and by the vocal group Da no Coro (2008-2009). He was responsible for the arrangements for the theatrical shows "Chacrinha" (2014), directed by Andrucha Waddington, "Elis, a Musical" (2013), directed by Dennis Carvallio and "Rock in Rio - O Musical" (2012), directed by Joao Fonseca, all of them with musical direction by Delia Fisher. He was responsible for the vocal preparation fo the shows "Frida Kahlo" (directed by Caco Ciocler), "Bibi in Concert III - Pop" (directed by F Bibi Feffeira) in which he also participated as a singer, and "O Romance do Pavao Misterioso", (directed by Theotônio de Paiva). He has two CDs with the vocal group Equale and one with the vocal broup BR6. He was the conductor of choirs at Colégio Cruzzeiro (2012-2013) and of the INPI choir (2013). He as provided vocal arrangements for the groups Equale, BR6, Mulheres de Hollanda, Da no Coro, Folia de Três, 3 em Ponto, and for choirs from Colégio Sao Vicente, among others. In 2012, he released the CD Circular, with his own compositions, fform Projeto Magu.

Maíra Martins
Principal Vocal Soloist

MairaSinger, conductor, and singing teacher, Maíra is finishing her Master's degree in Musical Practice Teaching from UNIRIO. She holds a postgraduate degree in Music Therapy from the Conservatorio Brasileiro de Musica, a bachelor's degree in Brazilian Popular Music from UNIRIO, a major in Music Teaching from Universidade Candido Mendes and a certifice in Therapy through Dance from Escola Angel Vianna. She is currently a choir conductor and music teacher at the Escola Sa Pereira school. Maíra is a member of the group Ordinarius, Projeto Magu and CRIA. She has released the albums: Rio de Choro (Ordinarius, 2015), a Familia (Grupo CRIA, 2013), Ordinarius (Ordinarius, 2012), Circular (Projeto Magu, 2012), Outro Ceu (Maíra Martins, 2012), Processo de Feitura (Maíra Martins, 2006), and Um Gosto de Sol (Grupo Equale, 2004).

Technical Specifications and Stage Plot

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Tour Schedule

ORDINARIUS will be making their U.S. Debut Tour in January 2019.


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