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International Guitar Night

THE INTERNATIONAL GUITAR NIGHT (IGN) brings together the world’s foremost acoustic guitarists to perform their latest original compositions and exchange musical ideas in a public concert setting.  Each tour, IGN founder Brian Gore invites a new cast of guitar luminaries to join him for special evenings of solos, duets and quartets that highlight the virtuosity and diversity within the world of acoustic guitar.


For the January/February 2018 North American (Canada and the U.S.) tour, Gypsy Jazz legend Lulo Reinhardt (Germany) will return as guest host, along with young Canadian sensation Calum Graham; classical innovator Marek Pasieczny (Poland) and award-winning American guitarist Michael Chapdelaine.

For the January/February 2019 North American (Canada and the U.S.) tour, Italy's LUCA STRICAGNOLI , whose showmanship and arrangements of heavy-metal songs has made him a huge fan favorite, will be the guest host along with French Swing sensation ANTOINE BOYER; Flamenco master SAMUELITO, and Turkish fretless guitarist CENK ERDOGAN.

About the International Guitar Night

International Guitar Night is North America’s premier mobile guitar festival. Sponsored by Acoustic Guitar Magazine, it is the only production of its kind to have grassroots origins. Ever since its beginning in 1995 in a converted laundromat in the California Bay Area, IGN has featured the best performing guitar composers from around the world. Since the beginning, audiences have cherished the friendly informal ambiance of the performances. Participants have relished the chance IGN affords to express reverence for one another, and to collaborate rather than compete. The unique brand of “guitar positivity” the forum provides has helped make IGN the most successful guitar showcase of its kind.

What Presenters Are Saying:

'We have hosted International Guitar Night at the University Centre Farquhar Auditorium for a number of years and are delighted by the quality of the event. The performances are top notch and the artists are a joy to work with backstage. We’ve seen a loyal audience grow in the last few years to the point of nearly selling out our 1000 seat venue in 2015. This is an event we look forward to promoting every year as the circle of people it reaches continues to expand.' - Ian Case, Director, University Centre Farquhar Auditorium, University of Victoria

'International Guitar Night is an annual event that never disappoints. In fact, each year seems to be better than the previous and patrons always ask, “When are they coming back?” Four amazingly gifted guitarists on one stage make it more than a concert – this is a buffet of beautiful music. If you’ve never seen them live, IGN is a gathering of incredibly talented and eclectic individuals who captivate on their own and then blow away the audience when they perform together. Brian Gore and International Guitar Night id a staple of our season. In fact, it would seem odd to not have them here, year after year after year.' - John Ludin, The Ellen Theatre – Bozeman, MT

'International Guitar Night has become a highly-anticipated pillar to our season programming year after year. Brian Gore puts together an esteemed group of guitar virtuosos from around the world that otherwise our audiences would not have had the opportunity to be exposed to. Everyone leaves feeling WOW’d and counting the days till next year’s show. The variety and the caliber of the artists brought together for this concert are top-notch. It’s a beautiful evening, year after year. ' - Randi Benesch, Managing Director of Arts & Culture - Gordon Center for Performing Arts

'If I couldn't present it, I'd pay to see it.' - Dennis Tinkler, Bert Church Live Theatre

What Fans Are Saying:

50% of our fans said they'd consider becoming season ticket holders in our recent survey!

'Brian Gore has consistently (this is my fourth IGN) supplied the most engaging and enchanting evenings of guitar that I have ever heard. The caliber, in addition to his, of the persons who perform is astounding. I have gone each and every time with the full expectation that I will have an unusual and inspirational experience. I have never been disappointed. I look forward to this event with anticipation every year and I am so very pleased that others enjoy it as much as I. When the venue at the Barns of Wolf Trap started, it was just one night. Now, IGN has sold out two performances. Go, Brian!!!' - DC Beltway

'Through this show I have been exposed to types of music I never have heard before and I always walk away with several CDs that I listen to throughout the year. Love to see the new artists and also love seeing old favorites return. I also love how accessible the artists are after the show, for autographs, photos and to speak with. I hope the show continues to come to the Gordon Center.' - Northeastern US

'The show was truly fabulous. Our family had 4 generations attending and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening. My 100 yr old mother, myself, my daughter and my 10 yr old grandson attended.' - Vancouver, BC

'Having attended the show to do something special for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary (which was really on the following day, March 1st) we really didn't know what the Show would entail or be like as we had never attended anything like it. We figured going once would let us know. To our surprise we loved it so much that the first words we said as we left the theatre was "We Have To Go Again Next Year".' - Pacific Northwest

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