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Robert "Tree" Cody

Robert “Tree” Cody--traditional name Oou Kas Mah Qwet (Thunder Bear)--Native American flutist, singer, dancer, artist, educator and actor, has performed throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Eastern Asia, Central and South America, and Mexico.

As a traditional dancer, 6 foot 10 inch “Tree” is very active on the powwow circuit today as a northern traditional dancer, arena director and master of ceremonies.

An enrolled member of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Community and of Dakota heritage, “Tree” lectures to the many reservations throughout the United States, as well as the many reserves in Canada.  ”Tree” has also lectured at many museums, secondary schools,
universities, and colleges
nationally as well as internationally, sharing his knowledge of Native American culture, songs, dances and music.

“Tree” has a remarkable ability in communicating with people, particularly young people of all cultures.  He has given generously of his time and talents to benefit people in need.  He received this talent from his father, the late Iron Eyes Cody, who taught “Tree” the many different aspects of show business, as well as the traditional red road of his people.

A versatile flute player and gifted singer, “Tree” has twelve albums on
Canyon Records.   His latest CD, “Heart of the Wind,” with percussionist Will Clipman, has been nominated for a 2007 Grammy. 

Tree’s previous CD, “Reflections,” on Canyon Records, was released in
2003.  This is a collaborative album with renowned female Native American flutist Hovia Edwards from the Shoshone Bannock tribe of Fort Hall ID and the Okanagan Band of British ColumbiaHis album, “Crossroads, Music of Indigenous North America”, was released in the spring of 2002.  He is joined by Xavier Quijas Yxayotl, who is from Guadalajara, Mexico, of the Huichol Nation.   This album was among the finalists in the Native American category of the 2002 Indie Awards.  “Native Flamenco,” featuring Tree and renowned Flamenco guitarist Ruben Romero, won 2 Native American Music Awards in 2000, and “Maze,” Tree’s 6th album, won Best New Age Album at the 1999 Native American  Music Awards.

.Tree performs as a solo concert artist, in duet with Will Clipman, and with Native Trails, his troupe of Native American dancers.  He is also available for assorted workshops that share the various aspects of the art and culture of Native American life.


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